Landi provides a service of production "Private Label and Licensing" for brands that desire to transform their ideas in clothes. The higly specialized "know how" allows to the company to manage the chain of the product in all its phases: from the creation of the models, to the acquisition of the raw materials and accessories, from the development of the sample series, to production and distribution. The experience, the quality of the production and the continuos attention to market trends, permits to Landi to be an actor, careful and prepared, able to satisfy the necessities of its own partners. The flexible structure of the company also allows the realization also of small productions and interesting prices. A network of collaborations in Italy and abroad and a highly qualified staff, create precious synergies to optimize every process. The use of advanced technologies give the possibility to create particular and complex works, like the washing, coloring, sealing, the mixed works of leather, fabrics and furs. The archive of Landi models, open to the consultations of its partners, may become a qualified instrument of support for the creation of their collections.

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