A family story, of crafts, of passion. This is the story of Landi, an Italian factory with a long tradition. We are in the 40's, Italy had just gone out of war. These are the years of reconstruction, of the infinite possibilities for a country that can finally combine its innate talents with the opportunities, that the after-war years can offer. Tuscany is a territory of textile and sartorial antique manufacture, with specialized artisans and craftsmen. It's in this period of great ferment that, in 1948, Lando Landi found, in Empoli, the “Ditta Elios”, company specialized in the production of men's shirts. The attention to detail and the quality, are the focus of the company, the philosophy of Landi entrepreneurship. “To do what we are able to do in the best possible way". This is what the founder was never tired to tell. Following this criteria, the company grew and developed, consolidating its own knowledge with constancy and evolving along the time. Born in 1956, created with passion and using the most advanced technologies, Landi's raincoat line is positioned on the high range of the market. The establishment is gradually structured according to modern layouts, optimizing the relationship between new technologies and crafts. The outerwear becomes the expression of the company's philosophy.  In 1984 , the historic “Ditta Elios” becomes Landi, functional structure to the development of new strategies. Since then, the second and third generation of the family continues in the mood imposed by the founder, with the same care and the same attention, absorbing the signals of the market and transforming them into products of quality able to satisfy the need of the most demanding clients. Today, the group is still on the market with three lines: Landi, Zerosettanta Studio and L'Impermeabile. Each  with a proper identity, and unique vision according to the family's sight.