Landi developed a project  of ecological sustainability applied to the fashion product, with a constant attention to the research of tradition. An exclusive line of outerwear, made by a fabric that comes from regenerated fabric fibers, according to ancient processes of recycling, characteristic of the Tuscan textile district. The new philosophy of environment,to consume that unites respect, the pleasure to wear the historical heritage of a long craft tradition. The fabric used is Reginius, a product in partenership with the Com.i.stra of Prato, textile manufacture specialized  since 1951 in the transformation of old clothes and scraps of knitting into a new raw material. The choice, the carbonization, the carding, words of antique crafts, are the phases of a productive cycle, whose result is a fabric of second generation ready to be used according to the living sustainability criteria. The clothes Landi-Rigenius are a collection in a collection, they are recognizable thanks to their timeless charm and they are identified by a special label that marks their story.